'Positive Learning for Kids' series makes debut...

'Positive Learning for Kids' series is a unique book series for children which not only teaches good habits, values, and important positive concepts to children at an early age, but also teaches alphabet, relationships and different types of animals to children.

For example: There are many avenues where kids will get to learn A is for Apple, B is for Ball, etc., however, using the 'Animal Alphabet A to Z' book of the 'Positive Learning for Kids' series, children will be able to learn positive concepts such as A is for Ambition, B is for Brave, C is for Confident, etc. Similarly, other books in the 'Positive Learning for Kids' series teach a number of important concepts to kids in a unique and innovative way!

'Positive Learning for Kids' series not only makes learning fun for kids but also makes life easy for a busy parent. Learn positively and live with positivity!

Animal Alphabet A to Z
Animal Alphabet Sharing and Caring
Good Habits Part 1
Good Habits Part 2

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