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5 Ways to Inspire Confidence in Your Children

Inspiring your child to be confident is a way to invest in their overall well-being both now and in the future. Start with confidence, and success will follow.

(1) Give Praise When Praise is Due

There’s no doubt children love the praise and admiration of their parents. However, throwing that praise around not only deflates its value but can lead to a large ego down the road. Giving praise when it is rightfully due will allow children to understand the satisfaction of a job well done and feel pride in their ability to do so.

(2) Nurture Their Talents

Help your child find their niche by trying different activities or even honing in on their favorite subject in school. Nurturing their talents and encouraging them to pursue what they are good at can help children build confidence in themselves and their capabilities. Help your child expand on their talents as well. For example, if your child is good at soccer, they may find a passion for other team-oriented, physical sports like basketball or ice hockey.

(3) Encourage Them to Keep Trying

There’s a first time for everything. When trying an activity for the first time, or say struggling to learn to read, don’t let your child give up! Even when their frustration grows, encourage them to try again and offer suggestions of what they can do differently. Invest in their success and therefore their confidence. If they know that you think they can succeed, then they will believe in it too!

(4) Don’t Compare Your Children to Others

Between siblings, cousins or friends, there are so many opportunities to compare your child to others. It’s easy to attempt and change your child’s behavior by pointing their attention to that of their peers, but doing so can seriously damage their confidence. Children can be especially competitive when it comes to the admiration of their parents, and just overall sensitive. Instead of directly comparing your child to another by saying “I wish you would clear the table like Johnny does,” try saying “would you like to be a big help and clear the table with Johnny?” In this way, their peers are more of a role model instead of a competitor.

(5) Be a Model of Confidence

As a parent, you are your child’s main inspiration and the person they trust the most. Be an example of confidence yourself, and they are likely to follow. Be careful not to put yourself down in front of them, your negative comments will not go unnoticed. Treat your body and mind with respect and your children will do the same.


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Hope you liked this article! 

Please feel free to explore our children's book series - 'Positive Learning for Kids'

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