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5 things to teach kids this holiday season!

values to teach kids

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! With all of the food and gifts that surround the holiday season, it can be hard to remember that Thanksgiving as well as Christmas help us to reflect on what you are grateful for. Remind your children that while treats are an exciting part of the holidays, they are not the most important. Take time to talk with them about what they are thankful for as the holidays approach! Here are some other ways to help teach your kids about the holiday season:

1) Create lists of what you are thankful for!

Lists are helpful in all sorts of situations. In this case, you can make the list into an arts and crafts project with your kiddo's. Go to the dollar store, buy a foam core board and decorate it with all sorts of festive ornamentation. Then, for every day of November and December, everyone in the family must write down one thing they are thankful for. On Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, you can present the completed board and talk about all of the things you've written down.

2) Donating is good!

Explain to your kids that as the holidays roll around, not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a nice meal. Go to the food bank and donate some nonperishable food items and teach your kids that the spirit of giving feels just as good, if not better, as receiving. Not only will you feel good for doing a nice thing for your community, but your children will learn the importance of generosity as well.

3) Spend Time with Family!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two biggest holidays for families to get together. While family is in town, remind your kids that time is the most meaningful gift. Make sure your kids make the most of the family visits by being present, especially as they get older. Try not to let them be distracted by electronic devices for the most part, as the memories they make when they're young will be the ones they most fondly look back on.

4) Say "Thank you!"

Since giving is the main theme over the holidays, that means your kiddo's will be receiving a lot of gifts as well. Make sure they say "Thank you" when they are given something, and perhaps encourage them to keep track of the gifts they receive so that they can write thank you letters!

5) Help Clean Up and Show Responsibility!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually centered around a large dinner. That means there's a large cleanup afterward! Teach your kids that helping to clear and put away dishes is always a nice thing to do. Not only are they being helpful, but they are learning a life-long skill that will help them to become responsible adults in the future.

Hope you liked this article! ​ Please feel free to explore our children's book series on Amazon website - 'Positive Learning for Kids'

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Hope you liked this article! 

Please feel free to explore our children's book series - 'Positive Learning for Kids'

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